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Polargel and Greengel were developed from colloidal systems research. These are completely non-toxic foams without any volatile substances. Polargel and Greengel foam are fresh and cool. They are highly elastic and maximally comfortable. When used as a top coat of a mattress core, these foams provide a feeling of freshness. They are particularly suitable for use in combination with a viscoelastic "lazy" foam, where they completely eliminate its warmth. A sleep on Polargel and Greengel Mattress Foams will be a unique refreshing relaxation.



NEROLI is an essential oil extracted from bitter orange flowers. The oil is produced by the distillation of fresh flowers. It is a very demanding process because one ton of flowers is needed for one litre of oil. Due to the demanding production, the beautiful scent and health benefits, this oil is considered to be one of the most expensive oils on the world. NEROLI oil is sought after for its soothing effects on the nervous system. It helps to relieve nervous tension and improves blood circulation. Fresh honey odor acts as an antidepressant. All its features make it easier to fight insomnia and restless sleep. Processing NEROLI essential oil into the NEROLI HR foam created an exceptional product that brings MATERASSO mattresses into a new dimension. That dimension is AROMA-THERAPY, the effects of which you indulge when you rest on the NEROLI THERAPY mattress.



Foam is exceptional due to its adaptability and large cell structure. In mattress construction it is mainly used in the surface layers of the core, which are responsible for the perfect "copying" of the user's body. Trough the open cellular structure there is a perfect airflow, causing an excellent moisture removal and a comfortable climate during sleep.



Swiss innovation, a milestone in the history of foam development. After PUR foam and HR foam, HRC foam is a new generation of mattress materials. HRC - High Resilience Climate is a highly elastic foam with revolutionary stability of all parameters in climate change (temperature, humidity ...). The new cell structure in EvoPoreHRC foam is characterized by its dynamic and elastic properties while being extremely stable and consistent. Structured cell mix resists moisture, heat and high pressure.



Innovative material with exceptional features for modern mattresses. AventO2 is a novelty among mattresses where EvoPoreHRC quality is enhanced by the addition of active natural ingredients - soothing lavender and healing Swiss herbs.



BIOGREEN - This foam shows that the combination of state-of-the-art technologies and renewable natural resources is possible even in the production of mattresses. This combination not only saves our ecosystem but also brings a piece of nature into our bedrooms. Instead of using crude oil in the production of the foam, we replaced it by natural material - castor oil, which has been used for many years in pharmacies. The plants transfer the energy from the ground and the sun trough their oil into our mattresses. BIOGREEN foam is impregnated with extractfrom ALOE VERA, which naturally increases the hygiene of the mattress by eliminating mites and bacteria. At the same time, it gives the mattress a characteristic aroma. This foam is characterized by a specific marble structure. In the case of BIOGREEN Foam you have an assurance of a long life, shape stability, high elasticity, or good sleep quality. All this with a load of up to 170 kg and a guarantee of up to 5 years for not mattress core.



is a lazy foam made from natural castor oil. Compared to viscoelastic - lazy foam it is more comfortable and more environmentally friendly. With its unique shape memory, VISCOGREEN responds better to temperature and pressure changes, and thus adapts itself more quickly to position changes.

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